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Mobile marketing from the company IntisTele

Mobile marketing in this form is a convenient solution and provides appropriate results. However, it is worth remembering that mass sms mailings SMS aggregator software are carried out by a platform that has relevant experience in such activities. Due to the fact that it is extremely important, SMS campaigns can reach very high, because achieving a 93% open rate.

SMS mailing in business

For most users of mobile devices, receiving sms is a reflexive activity, so an sms campaign provides a huge opportunity to accurately address information to the client.: Such extensive capabilities allow you to accurately select the type of mass sms sending for a specific industry, service or product. Customers at every stage of cooperation are surrounded by the care and support of IntisTele specialists, who will help in choosing the most effective option for automatically sending sms with advertising content. Currently, the company's services are very popular due to various factors. By connecting to this system, you will significantly increase the number of potential customers.

  • It is also worth paying attention to a completely new level of work with partners.
  • The company has achieved impressive success over the past few years.
  • The client can choose one of the types of sending messages, which can be either automatic, mass campaigns sent to multiple recipients at the same time, single SMS, or from a CSV file or API.

IntisTele also provides the ability to analyze sms, which includes the delivery status, clickability of links contained in messages, or information about recipients. Sms campaigns are also an effective tool to support all kinds of social campaigns, they are great for transactional communications, and can also be a great resource for conference attendees or other events. There are a lot of options for using sms marketing.

Success of SMS campaigns

The only limitation is our imagination. IntisTele relies not only on the quality of the services offered, but also on the ease of use. Modern marketing is the use of the latest technological opportunities with effective management of them. Thanks to mass sms distribution, you can quickly and inexpensively promote the offered services or products and, thus, attract more potential customers interested in using the offer.

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