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How to increase the number of YouTube likes

The beginning of earnings on YouTube began in may 2007, when Google, acquiring the platform for 1.65 billion dollars, introduced an affiliate program. It completely changed the face of YouTube, giving users the ability to get paid for clips that go viral; also in 2007, the company first attached ads to clips. Five years later, realizing the platform's potential, Google gave original content creators $ 100 million in scholarships through the YouTube Original Channel Initiative program.  Today, buy youtube likes instant allows you to quickly promote your channel.

Bad odds. Even if they do, you will get a maximum of 100 views. But they will stop, while seo optimization will bring you constant traffic. Looking for ways to attract traffic, they threw some software that creates visual effects into my eyes. This is a waste of time. Your goal is to create a community around your channel.

This is the keyword for which Google primarily displays videos. Search engines display video content only when they see fit. For example, when you search for a music song, often Google will display the video result. How can you figure out whether to build video content for a specific term?

Find it on Google and watch if there are video results on the first page. Prevail on the first page of video results? Then you can say with confidence that you can develop video content for this keyword. I chose the term "emotional song download". The main difficulty lies in the indentation of the right keywords. I recommend that you choose the term "long tail keywords" consisting of at least 3 words.

The reason is that you can bring default traffic from YouTube, but also from Google. You will get more traffic if you stay to collect one of the two sources. Another thing is to know the search volume of this term. Just select words that have a minimum of 1000 searches per month. Of course, you don't want to aim for the most competitive keywords.

Even on YouTube, for some keywords, the competition is fierce. Check the competition level of this selected search term using the tool. Once you've made sure that you've chosen a relatively easy term, it's time to take the next step.

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